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A unique offer for Brent. As families you want the best for your daughter. At The Crest Girls’ Academy so do we.

As the Academy’s sponsor, E-ACT’s ethos is based on high aspirations, expectations and achievements. The sponsor’s vision is to support The Crest Girls’ Academy to become an outstanding place of education within an inclusive ethos that promotes tolerance and respect for others. This will be characterised by diversity, equality and excellence. E-ACT’s expectations are that students will develop into citizens who actively contribute towards the building of cohesive and peaceful communities and are able to represent themselves confidently in all aspects of public life.

2intThe Crest Girls’ Academy will provide innovative and personalised learning opportunities to ensure that all students learn effectively and achieve their maximum potential. E-ACT will promote the continuing development of proven best practice in teaching approaches to be at the forefront of the Academy’s drive for excellence, enhancing the current focus on raising educational standards. This will include flexible and original approaches to curriculum delivery in response to identified needs and initiatives.



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The Crest Girls’ Academy will expect students to support the principles that underpin social cohesion and be given the freedom and flexibility to succeed. In particular, there will be an expectation of high standards of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and commitment. There will be opportunities for students to assume increasing responsibility for aspects of the Academy and to participate in its ongoing development through effective ‘Student Voice’ strategies. The Academy will actively encourage and support students to aspire to higher education through a range of opportunities, including bursaries and involvement in university activities.

E-ACT’s formal links with the local and national universities, particularly Brunel University, will help to support an ethos of high aspirations and ambition in students.  The Crest Girls’ Academy will mobilise the active involvement of the business community through the sponsor’s network of local and national connections so that young people are able to gain full access to employment.

The Crest Girls’ Academy will also be supported by a strategic learning partnership with Highgate School, a local independent school. Enterprise activities will underpin all aspects of learning, and help to develop students’ thinking, problem-solving and life skills. Access to a comprehensive programme of careers education and guidance, pastoral care, professional mentoring and personal, health and citizenship education will complement students’ academic study.



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