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Why a Girls’ School in the 21st Century?


Crest Girls' Academy

At The Crest Girls’ Academy we offer a unique learning environment for your daughter. 

  We are determined that your daughter is successful. To ensure this, we offer a single sex environment in which she can flourish.

Schools that educate only girls have some powerful advantages over schools that serve both girls and boys. Girls’ schools are able to develop their resources and their teaching with one clear focus - to meet the educational needs of girls.

As a girls’ Academy we create a stimulating and safe learning environment that encourages full participation by girls in all activities. We provide an environment in which our girls are given the space, opportunities and support to develop at their own pace. The girls-only setting helps teachers to teach in a way that brings out the best in each student. This is a huge benefit to their academic development.

With only their fellow girls in the classroom, students have the space in which their intellectual, creative and personal confidence can blossom. There is a tremendous freedom for girls to be themselves and explore the opportunities available for them.



  What does the research tell us?
  • Most teachers find greater participation in lessons and increased student confidence where boys and girls are taught separately.
  • Girls in girls-only schools make more progress than girls in co-educational schools.
  • Girls who attend girls’ schools go on to earn more than those from mixed schools.

The Crest Girls’ Academy knows girls. It has high expectations of them and they respond with high achievement. It values their individuality and they learn to value each other. The Academy values and nurtures their leadership potential and they rise to become leaders.



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