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Students have a clear understanding of right and wrong and a strong sense of community.

(Ofsted 2011)

The Crest Girls' AcademyAll girls are different; they each have their unique needs, talents, ambitions and potential.

We believe that good schools bring out the best in every individual child in their care. At The Crest Girls’ Academy we aim to work with every child as an individual. Your daughter will have her unique needs addressed, her talent nurtured and her personal ambitions developed. Crest Girls are known, valued and understood. They are nurtured to value effort and hard work. They are achievers who become successful young women.

As an Academy we have many responsibilities towards the girls in our care. Perhaps the greatest is to ensure that each girl graduating from The Crest Girls’ Academy has opportunities and choices for her own future. These might be choices of university or work; they might be choices of how or where to live. With our guidance and your support as parents, these choices will be informed, sensible and achievable.


Above all, girls leaving our Academy will have an understanding of the breadth, depth and diversity of opportunity open to them. The Crest Girls’ Academy will help girls to acquire the skills and qualifications they need to realise opportunities. They will also be encouraged to understand the responsibilities all of us have to ourselves and the communities we live and work in.

The Crest Girls’ Academy offers single sex education up to the age of 16. Our girls then join the highly successful and growing Crest Sixth Form. From here students have gained university places across the country including Cambridge University, King’s College London, Queen Mary’s London, the School of Oriental and African Studies and the University of London.

We hope you find this brochure and the accompanying prospectus of interest. Please visit us to find out more, and to hear about the changes that are taking place at The Crest Girls’ Academy.




Phil Hearne.
Executive Principal
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