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Academy's Ethos

Academy's Ethos
As an Academy we emphasise to our girls their personal responsibility for what they say, think and do. Our girls are encouraged to value hard work, to try things out and to learn and grow from any mistakes they may make along the way.

They are taught to appreciate the difference they can make by entering the room, not standing in the doorway.

Our girls are encouraged to do their personal best. They have their aspirations challenged and raised through repeated opportunities to hear from, and work with, role models from a range of professional and business backgrounds. We have strong links with Brunel University and Highgate School, both of whom work with us to support the development of our girls.

  During their secondary years, our girls are supported in developing their mentoring and leadership skills. They are encouraged to look for opportunities to become informed citizens both in and out of the Academy. By involving and challenging our girls in this way we aim to help them grow into active members of their communities, who know they have the power to influence the world around them and to inspire others.




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