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Family and Friends

Family and Friends

We need to work together if your daughter is to be successful and enjoy an education that fits her strengths, passions and talents. This means open and honest dialogue. It also means supporting each other in your daughter’s best interest.

We ensure regular and open communication between the Academy and families. We will discuss your daughter’s progress and well-being regularly and you can contact us at any time. It is important to us that families and friends have a wider role in developing the Academy’s policies and future.

The support of family and friends will help all our girls to achieve. You only want the best for your daughter and so do we.

Girls’ schools can develop a sense of friendship among girls that is unique, long lasting and positive. We actively seek to do this.

Our girls leave us as confident, aspirational learners, who are well-prepared to undertake sixth form studies and subsequently university, or to enter the workplace in a variety of roles and trainee positions.

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