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CGA's BBC Schools’ Report programme

Report on The BBC Schools’ Report programme

The BBC Schools’ Report programme is an annual event, involving hundreds of schools across the country. This was the first year that The Crest Girls’ Academy took part and it proved to be an amazing chance for those involved to gain a real insight into life as a journalist.

The group initially consisted of 30 students from Years 7-11 who volunteered for the programme. A number of positions were advertised and the students were required to complete a letter of application, stating which position they were applying for and details of their transferable skills. Immediately, this gave the project a formality and ensured the students understood that it takes a large number of people to make a high quality news programme.


Strategic Learning Partnership with Highgate School

Strategic Learning Partnership with Highgate School

A group of Year 11 GCSE Triple Science girls participated in a day of Physics at Highgate school, for our upcoming Physics exam. The focus of the session was electromagnetism, the motor effect and transformers. The day was an opportunity to explore electromagnetism in use through a series of practical, hands-on activities. For example, understanding how loudspeakers and headphones function.

The facilities were exceptional. We extended our knowledge by using the excellent equipment provided. We were able to visualise the contents of our textbooks, hence our learning was enhanced.


Brent Student Conference on Climate Change

Brent Student Conference on Climate Change

A group of Year 10 girls from CGA attended the Brent Student Conference on Climate Change on 20th March 2013, as part of National Science Week.
The students gained new knowledge from a short film, speeches and presentations from local politicians, nationally recognised environmental experts and representatives of the Brent Youth Parliament. There was a lively discussion after all the presentations with students from ten local schools questioning the ‘experts’ and offering their own ideas.

The students then joined different groups drawn from all the schools attending to make design their own presentations on climate change and environmental issues.


The Crest Academies celebrate teenagers’ articulacy

The Crest Academies celebrate teenagers’ articulacy

Press release

You Speak

The Crest Academies celebrate teenagers’ articulacy

18 February 2013

The Crest Academies organised and held the first national You Speak competition.

Students representing seven academies from all over England came together on 14 February 2013 at the Sattavis Paditar Advait Centre in Wembley for a public speaking contest.


Northview Primary School visit

Northview Primary School visitToday,  15 girls from Year 5 at Northview Primary school in Neasden visited the Crest Girls’ Academy where they took part in some exciting Maths challenges, puzzles and games.  The students showed their impressive Maths skills as they successfully solved problems together in teams. They also heard from two of their former students, Tia and Gabrielle who are now in Year 10 here, all about the exciting opportunities that await them at secondary school.

As the cohort that will be the first to start in the new buildings they were very excited to see the computer generated images of these state of the art facilities.

As they left, they all agreed they had had a great time and would love to come here in September 2014!

Mr Morgan, Assistant Principal

Y11 Student Chairs Inter-generational Debate

An inter-generational debate was held at in East Finchley last week.

North London Citizens, an alliance of schools, colleges and religious groups, organised the meeting at the North London Synagogue in East End Road on Thursday.

Chaired by Neasden’s Crest Girls’ Academy Year 11 student Mariam El-Abiary, the event gave people of all ages and faiths the chance to discuss how to improve inter-generational relations.

Paolina Webber, assistant principal at the Crest Girls’ Academy said: “Mariam was a model representative of the Academy and I am delighted she was able to take a leading role at such a successful event. 

“This marks the continuation of an extremely strong relationship between the Crest Academies and North London Citizens.”


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