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Prince’s Teaching Institute Project
The Science faculty is taking part in The Prince’s Teaching Institute project. The objectives of the project are mainly coherence and quality of challenge within the curriculum, to ensure that we continue to offer a balanced and broad curriculum at all stages. We also implement strategies for numeracy and literacy as well as practical skills. We are proud to enthuse pupils through subject based activities that go beyond the curriculum and cross-curricular events. The activities we have undertaken are being updated on the Crest Girls’ Academy website and through the regular newsletters. Science staff and students are working in collaboration to gain the postmark of The Prince’s Trust.

  Nimet McCann (Curriculum Leader for Science)


GCSE Science Exam Results 2012

Science Faculty Science Faculty
Science Faculty
  • Chemistry – 77% A*-A 100% A*-C
  • Biology – 58% A*-A 100% A*-C
  • Physics 31% A*-A 100% A*-C
  • Science 73% A*-C including BTEC

Science A-Level Results 2012

  • A-level Chemistry 60% A-B 100% A-E
  • A-Level Biology 43% A-B 100% A-E

Curriculum Information

The Crest Girls’ Academy Science Faculty has a firm commitment to the teaching and learning of Science.

Key Stage 3
Pupils study the National Curriculum programme of study for Key Stage 3 in Years 7,8 and 9. The scheme of work includes Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. 
Key Stage 4
A balanced education at Key Stage 4 is offered. Science is a core subject and most students follow the AQA Modular Science GCSE syllabus (two GCSE grades). For pupils who are planning to continue studying Science at GCE A-level we offer triple Science, three GCSE’s. The syllabus covers all aspects of a good Science education and aims to develop the Science knowledge, understanding and skills needed for adult life with a good basis for further study of Science.
BTEC Science is another popular course amongst Key Stage 4 students, pupils can study Edexcel Level 2 BTEC Certificate which is equivalent to two GCSE’s.
A-level Biology
We follow the Edexcel context-led Approach A-level Biology syllabus. All 8 topics use a context-led approach; a storyline or contemporary issue is presented, and the relevant biological principals are introduced when required to aid understanding of the context. There is a field trip where students conduct their own individual study as part of the A2 course.
A-Level Chemistry
The OCR syllabus is offered, which provides students and their parents with a measurement of their achievements. In the first year of study pupils develop better understanding of the material world around them, with emphasis on case studies and their evaluation. Pupils are encouraged to think critically and to be able to evaluate information presented to them. Lessons are taught on practical examples where possible.


All students are set homework online with “Doddle” every week.

Science Faculty Staff:

  • Ms N. McCann (Assistant Director Science)
  • Mr S. Singh (KS3 and KS4 co-ordinator CGA)
  • Mr J. Kamara (Enrichment co-ordinator and in charge of Literacy across the science Faculty)
  • Mr P. Abusah (BTEC Co-ordinator)
  • Ms S. Manda (Teacher of Science)
  • Mr G. Stockwell (Teacher of Science)
  • Ms S. Aleem (Teacher of Science)
  • Ms M. Lawrence (Teacher of Science)
  • Mr V. Mishra (Teacher of Science)
  • Mr J. Butterworth (Teacher of Science)
  • Ms H. Rathod (Teacher of Science)
  • Ms I. Kruiar (Teacher of Science)
  • A. Gulliver (Technician)
  • Z. Gebretinsae (Technician)
  • A. Jayakumar (Technician)

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