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BTEC Sport achieved 95% in 2012 exam results


The aim of this department is to foster an understanding and enjoyment of physical activity, which can be extended to a pleasurable use of leisure time. The PE department is committed to raising achievement and developing confidence through sporting activities. All work is assessed throughout a scheme of work and a final National Curriculum grade is given. Target setting is incorporated into the scheme of work so all students know how to improve and move to the next level.

PE at Key Stage 3:

Year 7: Winter activities: Horse Riding, Dance, Netball, Gymnastics and Health Related Fitness Summer activities: Softball, Rounders, Athletics.

Year 8: Winter activities: Dance, Netball, Gymnastics and Health Related Fitness Summer activities: Health related fitness, Rounders, Athletics, Tennis.

Year 9: Winter activities: Trampolining, Netball, Gymnastics and Dance Summer activities: Health-related fitness, Rounders, Athletics, Tennis.

PE at Key Stage 4

Core PE: Volleyball, Badminton, Health related fitness, Basketball, Football, Cultural dance, Rounders, Athletics, Kick Boxing ,Yoga and Sport Leader level one.


An extensive extra- curricular provision Sports Day Commitment to Brent competitions

Award in Sports Leadership Level one

The award uses Sport to help students to develop vital skills for life such as planning and organising oneself and others, teamwork, communication and motivation. The Award is divided into seven units that cover the fundamental areas of basic sports leadership and are relevant to a wide variety of dance and recreational activities

Duke of Edinburgh

Currently we have 13 Year 9 students completing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is universally recognised and widely adopted as the best programme for the personal development of young people. There are four areas the students need to complete: • Service (helping people in the community) • Skills (covering almost any hobby, skill or interest) • Physical Recreation (sport, dance and fitness) • Expeditions (training for, planning and completing a journey on foot or horseback, by boat or cycle)

Extra Curricular Clubs offered:

Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Street Dance, Indoor athletics, Fitness, Football, badminton, football and Trampolining


  • Ms V. McCrossen (Assistant Director Physical and Outdoor Education)
  • Mr M. Mkoloma (Deputy Assistant Director Physical and Outdoor Education)
  • Ms J. Larkin (Teacher of PE)
  • Ms M. O'Regan (Teacher of PE)
  • Mr T. Webster (Teacher of PE)



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