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Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

This year MFL achieved 60% A*-C passes at GCSE.

The MFL faculty has an inclusive and challenging curriculum which seeks to nurture all of our students. The faculty aims to encourage students to see themselves as global citizens and we believe that languages are a tool to open the world to them.             

With a strong and clearly defined ethos and high expectations, our aim is to enable all learners to thrive, excel and enjoy their education.

At Key Stage 3 we teach French or Spanish to all students.  Listening, speaking reading and writing are all given equal value as these are the skills that will enable our students to be successful in the academy and in the wider community.

At Key Stage 3 we study topics of relevance to our students, including: Myself, my family, school and leisure activities.

At Key Stage 4 students are able to study GCSE French, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

Students are assessed through a combination of external examinations and controlled assessments by either AQA (French and Spanish) or EDEXCEL (Arabic and Urdu) or OCR (Persian).

At GCSE some of the topics included are:  the environment, technology, tourism, healthy lifestyles and work and education.

Students can also take GCSE examinations in their native language and last year GCSEs were taken in Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.  Somali students achieved success on the Asset Languages scheme.

Students are facilitated to reach their full potential by a dedicated team of teachers who love language teaching. 

We assess our students regularly and we also use self and peer assessment to ensure that students are aware of their own progress and are able to set their own targets for improvement.

How parents/carers can support their daughters:

You can help your daughter by talking to her about her work and encouraging her to practise her tasks with you (even if you do not understand everything she says).  If you speak any of the languages that we teach you can spend some time each day talking with her in the language and reading with her.  Watching foreign language channels is also beneficial.


In the summer term year 7 students go on a day trip to Wimereux in France to practise the vocabulary they have learnt throughout the year.


  • Ms P. Webber (Assitant Director MFL and Humanaities)
  • Mr A. Dickens (Deputy Assistant Director MFL and Humanities)
  • Ms J. Hughes (Subject Leader of Spanish and Commmunity Languages)
  • N. Bogui (Teacher of MFL)
  • Ms Z. Steele (Teacher of French)
  • Ms E. Warham (Teacher of Spanish and French)
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