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Key Stage 3

Year 7 students are placed in attainment groups when they join the academy in September. The maths groups are reviewed regularly and set changes are made on a termly basis. Throughout KS3, the students will learn maths in a variety of ways. Sometimes students will be working individually, at other times in pairs, small groups or even in a whole class activity.  Assessing Pupil Progress (APP ) is an integrated classroom  feature and, together with topic tests and termly exams, forms the basis of the student’s assessment throughout KS3.  

Additionally, peer and self assessment are used regularly to ensure that students are aware of their own progress and can set themselves targets to improve.

Using and Applying Mathematics

Select the maths to use in a wide range of activities; develop strategies to use for solving problems; use logical arguments to establish truths; justify generalizations and solutions

Number & Calculations

Calculating mentally, on paper and using a calculator where appropriate. The development of numeracy skills forms an essential part of a student’s learning.


Spotting number patterns, making generalisations, using formulae, co-ordinates and graphs

Shape, Space & Measure

Recognising the properties of 2and 3 dimensional shapes, angles and symmetries estimating and measuring quantities including lengths, areas and volumes.

Handling Data

Collecting, recording and processing data and using charts, tables and graphs to represent data.

In year 8, students are taught in attainment  groups. Their scheme of work will extend the topics introduced in year 7. They will work with a textbook as well as worksheets, booklets, calculators, practical equipment.

A variety of resources are used in the delivery of Mathematics at KS3.  The main textbook used is: Maths Links by Oxford University Press.

In year 9, students continue to be taught in attainment groups. Their scheme of work consolidates and extends the topics introduced in Year 8. They will work with a textbook as well as worksheets, booklets, calculators, practical equipment.

The faculty has invested in new textbooks for Years 7, 8 and 9 and ‘my maths’ online website for all key stages.

These resources fully address the specifications of the KS3 National Strategy.

Key Stage 4

In year 10 and 11, the girls are set into two bands – Foundation and Higher. They are entered for GCSE at one of these levels. The setting is flexible and students move between the sets based on the result of their work in class and examination marks. GCSE Mathematics is assessed by written examination. There is no controlled assessment module. There are two assessment options available from examination boards, modular and linear. The Maths faculty chooses the option that best suits the needs of each student , in terms of their enjoyment, engagement  and achievement .   The faculty is developing new schemes of work for these year groups in response to the new GCSE specifications for September  2012.  

How can you help your daughter with her mathematics?

Ensure that she completes all her homework tasks on ‘my maths’ website. The academy login is ‘crest’ and password is ‘number’. Additionally, your daughter will have been issued her personal login and password to access her homework tasks .  

Ensure that she has the proper equipment, including a scientific calculator, for all her Maths lessons. Homework is a very important factor in the learning of mathematics. Encourage your daughter to complete all work set at home.

Each day, ask your daughter what Maths she has learnt in Maths lesson that day.

What work can I expect my daughter to bring home?

Students are expected to complete 2 pieces of homework a week. Homework is not a continuation of classwork, but organized to assess understanding and to extend all students. Students will be expected to spend a minimum of 70 minutes (year 7) to two hours (year 10, 11). Please encourage your daughter to spend as much time as possible on their mathematics homework.  

Although Mathematics is considered a difficult subject the Mathematics Faculty have high expectations of all the girls in the academy. We want the girls to do well and we will inform parents if we have any concerns with their daughter’s progress.

Should you help with homework?

Yes.  But there are some important things to remember:

  • Don’t just give your daughter the answers. Please encourage her to find the answer for herself.
  • Ask to see the work. Ask your daughter to explain what she is doing
  • Don’t be discouraged if you are unfamiliar with the mathematics your child is doing. It helps your daughter if you talk it over.
  • Make sure your daughter remembers to take her homework back to school
  • Encourage your daughter to plan her work
  • Encourage her to sort out ideas by discussing them
  • Encourage her to make notes

If your child is stuck encourage her to think about why. Get her to have a go, to write down why she cannot answer the questions. Ask her to read the question again, out loud. Get her to take a risk, by trying it.


Key Stage 3 SATs results: Summer 2012 : 55% of our students obtained Level 5 or higher.

Key Stage 4 GCSE results: August 2012 : 61 % of our students obtain grades A8 to  C  in Mathematics.

Key Stage 5 A Level results: August 2012 A2 Maths:  50% A to E grades


  • Mr H. Asa-Bosempem (Assistant Director Maths and Computer Science)
  • Mr F. Banji (Deputy Assistant Director Maths and Computer Science)
  • Mr H. Assee (Teacher in charge of Computer Science)
  • Mr R. Ockan (Teacher of Maths)
  • Ms H. Ercan (Teacher of Maths)
  • Ms B. Raza (Teacher of Maths)
  • Mr D. Chapman-Harris (Teacher of Maths + NQT Co-ordinator)
  • Mr N. Suleman (Teacher of Maths)
  • Ms H. Osahn (CGA Head of Well Being (KS3) + Teacher of Maths)
  • Ms M. Macharia (Teacher of Maths)
  • Mr I. Galgal (Teacher of Maths)
  • Ms L. Khalid (Teacher of Maths)
  • Mr B. MacCauley (Teacher of Maths)
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