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Expressive Arts

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Performance & Benefits

  • Excellent GCSE results in 2012
  • Drama –70% A* - C
  • Music – 79% A* - C
  • Art –61% A* - C
  • Extra Curricular provision
  • Steel Pan classes
  • Whole Academy Performance
  • Art Exhibition and competitions


The Arts play a vital role in enabling young people to enhance their creative talent and develop artistic skills. Expressive Art subjects are taught at KS3 and KS4 and all subjects are very popular. All students in Year 7 have 1x50 minute lesson each week of Music, Art and Drama. Classes are taught in mixed ability groups of about 25 pupils.

Art is designed to offer learners experience of working with a wide range of art media and techniques, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. In Music, students experience a broad spectrum of instruments and styles, performing and singing, as well as keyboard, guitar and elementary Music Technology. In Drama, students are introduced to a series of techniques and skills based upon scenarios which are acted out. This can be as individual work, through pair work, group work of various sizes to work as a whole class.

Assessment Methods

All work is assessed throughout the scheme of work and a final National Curriculum grade is given. Peer and Self Assessment are used regularly to ensure students are aware of their own progress and are able to set targets for improvement.

Extra-curricular trips and visits

The Faculty is renowned across the Academy for its extra- curricular provision. There are opportunities to attend musical shows in the centre of London. The drama department works closely with the Old Vic Theatre and students attend performances at this theatre. Parents and Carers can aid their daughters learning by encouraging them to participate in extra- curricular activities.


All students are set homework on a regular rota system across the Faculty and pupils should receive homework every week.


  • Ms C. Blackburn (Assistant Director Expressive Arts and Design)
  • Mr A. Copeland (Deputy Assistant Director of Expressive Arts and Design)
  • Ms A. Linnane (Teacher in charge of Drama)
  • Ms C. Waddell (Teacher of Music)
  • Mr G. Pearce (Teacher of Music)
  • Ms R. Ali (Teacher of DT)
  • Ms L Brennan (Teacher of Art)
  • Ms A. Chiti (Technician)
  • Mr A. Bates (Senior Art, Design Technology Technician)
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