The Crest Girls' Academy

IDT Faculty: Information Design Technology

Results 2012

  • At GCSE, 47% of students achieved a grade C or above .
  • Crest girls enjoy our lessons and we are working hard to ensure that all students achieve good grades in line and above expectations.
  • All staff have a passion for teaching and learning and we aim to make our lessons active, engaging and fun.


In year 7 and 8 all students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of Technology related tasks which we hope will help sow the seeds of their Technology development and generate a passion for the subject. Students are encouraged to work independently and participate in a number of activities led by the Technology faculty throughout the year.

Year 9 all students work for 10 weeks on a rotation where they experience all that the technology faculty has to offer. Students are placed in their chosen option groups once they have selected one of the Technology options, at this stage all students commence working towards their GCSE in their chosen area. The choices are Food, Textiles and Product Design. During this time some students may decide that the particular option they have chosen is not suitable, and can make changes and select another area of Technology.

Year 10 and 11 students   follow on their work which they started towards the end of  Year 9. Students are taken through a series of structured and carefully planned lessons and many practical sessions to complete making a product in Textiles and Product Design, and a number of different food products are prepared by the students for a given scenario by the  end of year 11.

Throughout the 5 years in the Academy the curriculum ensures a great deal of hands on activities and links in with other areas of the curriculum.  We look for opportunities to extend students learning experience and ways to enhance their Technology learning.

Trips and visits/ extra-curricular activities

We have had a few trips in the Technology faculty and are always looking for opportunities to extend our students learning.


Homework is ongoing and set weekly in the hope that it consolidates and extends the students learning experience.

How parents can help/support their daughters

Ensure that students are encouraged to practice their skills at home, let them teach you what they have learnt and come into the faculty to learn with them.


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