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Special Needs/Learning Support

Suitable additional help and support takes place within normal lessons, or by withdrawal in small groups. All have their progress closely monitored. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) takes particular responsibility for the organisation, implementation and monitoring of individualised learning plans for students receiving special support, and all teaching staff are committed to the learning success and wellbeing of students.


Students who have English as an additional language receive support from our EMTAS department appropriate to their English language skills. This may include a literacy-based curriculum, withdrawal from lessons to improve their English, or support within their lessons from trained staff. All have their progress closely monitored.

The Learning Support Unit (LSU)

In response to the drive towards social inclusion and national concerns regarding the exclusion of students from schools, the LSU is the centre that supports those students in Key Stage 3 and 4 who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties that disrupt their own and others’ education. The students remain in the Academy and, for a fixed period, are taught in a quiet, controlled setting. The students follow the mainstream curriculum, receive counselling and are helped to develop strategies that enable them to manage their own behaviour. At the end of this ‘internal support period’ the students return to their mainstream classes and are closely monitored by the centre’s staff to ensure continued success.

Extra lessons

Revision and master classes are offered in a wide range of GCSE subjects and at A Level.

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